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Happenings You Shouldn’t Miss!

View the schedule of our upcoming events on this page. Contact us for more details.


Please contact us at Hear2Understand Audiology Services in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for more information regarding clinic services. You can also check out our upcoming events here.


Communication Cafe for Hearing Impaired Adults

Starting September 12,2020

Contact: Tavia Hoenecke, Au.D. Reg Sk


Preschool Speech and Language Services

Contact: Orlene Martens, MSLP(C)


Lego Robotics Social Skills Group

Contact: Cassandra Phillips, Ph.D.


Lego Social Skills Development Group

Contact: Cassandra Phillips, Ph.D.


Combined Speech/Language and Social Skills Group

Contact: Orlene Martens, MSLP(C) and Cassandra Phillips, Ph.D.





Teen Club

Contact: Cassandra Phillips, Ph.D.

Young Adult Social Communication Group

Contact: Orlene Marten, MSLP(C) and Cassandra Phillips, Ph.D.


Young Adults Transitioning to the Workplace

Contact: Cassandra Phillips, Ph.D.


Adult Fluency Services

Contact: Orlene Marten, MSLP(C)

Persona Doll Training 

Contact: Cassandra Phillips, Ph.D. 


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